Meet the team

Creator driven. That’s the first line in our tagline. You can’t move the bus until you have the right people on board. Here’s a family photo album of any time different members of The Scavengers Network have met up and hung out, whether they live in the same state/area or whether they travelled hours on end to hang out! There’s a lot of love in the ScavFam. Below this you’ll find bios for the different creators that make up the team of The Scavengers Network.

Colin M. Parker

Owner, CCO, Supervising Producer, Talent, and Producer

Colin M. Parker is a videographer, producer, editor, and podcaster in the state of Maryland. Colin is a founding member of The Scavengers Network, where he is the owner and Supervising Producer. As the Supervising Producer of The Scavengers Network, Colin has overseen many new projects, ranging from podcasts about band discographies to narrative storytelling/audio fiction podcasts. He also started the Podcast Outreach Program, where industry professionals visit local schools to teach podcasting to students and help them create their very own podcasts in a collaborative environment with fellow students.

Colin studied at Loyola University of New Orleans, where he graduated with a B.S. in Music Industry Studies, with a concentration on Digital Filmmaking. He ran Iggy Vision, and was the head of post-production and the film crew for EQ&A. He studied under mentors Billy O’Connell, Kendra Reed, and Jay Crutti, and is eternally grateful for their friendship and guidance.

Colin is the co-host of Journey Under 30, and a cast member and producer of both Myth Takes and Apotelesma. Outside of the network, Colin serves as the Director of Digital Media and Technology at Bass Works, playing video games with friends, playing bass in the pit for a local theater, and, most likely, talking nonstop about Spider-man.


Alex Taylor

Digital Media Manager, Talent, and Producer

Alex Taylor is one of the original five members of the Scavengers Network. He is a co-host of Journey Under 30, a rotating cast member in Myth Takes, and has edited content including Scavengers Play, Single Player Sunday, and other media. He also composes, teaches, and performs electronic and classical music in no particular order.

Alex has released an EP under the artist name French Alexander: a moniker that he has used for streaming purposes as well.


Morgan Spatola

Communications Media Manager, Talent, and Producer

Morgan Spatola is a multi-creative artist from Phoenix, AZ who has too many ideas. She enjoys creating experimental podcasts and playing table top roleplaying games. Morgan is currently one half of The Broads and The Bees, a show about sex and sexuality, the host of Morgan Needs A Podcast, and a cast member of Myth Takes. When she’s not creating podcasts, she spends her time creating performance art pieces, teaching, collecting sex toys, volunteering, tying up naked yogis, costuming, baking, and sending pretty good tweets on the Internet.


Sam Greszes

Talent and Producer

Sam Greszes is a writer and podcaster currently based in Chicago. He has written for internationally distributed print publications such as ION Magazine and prominent websites like Polygon, Eater, UPROXX, Kill Screen, and Thrillist for over a decade. He is the host of State Your Case, co-host of Intentional Sounding, and a cast member of Myth Takes. He also thinks he can beat you in a thumb-wrestling match, but he's probably wrong.

To unlock him, you must first beat the game on Very Hard difficulty without losing a life. Then, he will challenge you. You must defeat him in this battle to unlock him for play in Arcade and Versus modes.


Lindsey Nelsen

Talent and Producer

Lindsey Nelsen is a gelato chef by day and a writer, podcaster, voice over artist, and actor by night! (She doesn’t get much sleep) she is an all around nerd and history buff who likes any excuse to wear a costume.

Lindsey is a forever co-host on Historical Hotties, and is a cast member of Myth Takes.


Tristan Miller

Talent and Producer

Tristan Miller is an actor, writer, podcaster, stand-up comedian, and mental health advocate. He has been featured on The Good Men project, Stigma Fighters, The Psych Show, and has begun touring on a one-man comedy show called, Manic Impressive.

Comedian Gary Gulman calls him, “Ahead of most comedians his age,” Myq Kaplan says “A supremely kind, creative and highly motivated man,” and his older sister calls him “An idiot man-child with no sense of survival skills. Why did you bring him on this camping trip, mom?”

Tristan hosts, edits, and produces three podcasts: Positive and Negative, The Amateur Detective Club, and Anime-Zing Podcast.


Tyler Riley


Tyler Riley is an actor, director, voice-over artist and mystery enthusiast. A New Jersey native, he graduated in 2013 from Stockton University with a B.A. in Theatre Studies. While an undergrad he presented at The Viewing of Politics and Politics of Viewing at Aristotle University in Thessaloniki, Greece. After graduating, Tyler had a 7 year career in house management, most notably at the McCarter Theatre Center in Princeton, NJ and as the audience services coordinator at Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival. He works currently as the education programs manager of TDF, and is the current co-host of the Amateur Detective Club podcast, vice-chair of the board for Borne Dance Company, and artistic associate of Dunvegan Productions.


James Anderson

Community Engagement Director, Talent, and Producer

James Anderson is a podcaster that cant seem to stop doing podcasts. He does Blink and You’ll Miss It and Newsies Minute on the Network and Bike Brigade, Track Meet, and an Alternative Countdown show not on it.

He likes being a guest on shows and likes music.

He used to be on a podcast called Unabashedly Obsessed and can tell you that episodes of that show are still on the internet and are still charming as hell.

He talks and laughs very loudly.



Promo Director, Engineer, Talent, and Producer

Mason is a huge nerd. We checked. 85% of his bodyweight is pure nerd energy. He handed us his "list of credentials" but it was just a drawing of several cats in a wicker basket. It wasn't even a great drawing. His hobbies include building electronic gadgets out of household waste and spending hours agonizing over audio edits that nobody will notice or care about.

Mason has been described as "Who let you in?" and "Dude, thanks for the baklava but I still don't understand why you're here."

Mason is a junior RF broadcast engineer and professional audio engineer, but those just look like meaningless buzzwords don't they? He produces the podcast iDunnoRadio and whatever else catches his attention for five minutes. He somet- OH. He's gone.

He just... left.



Elizabeth Nordenholt

Talent and Producer

Elizabeth Nordenholt is a podcaster, beer sales lady, and general nerd currently living in Los Angeles. She is one half of FMK All Day on ScavNet as well as Your Fave Is Problematic which can be found elsewhere on the internet. Prior to her podcasting career, she was a professional stage manager working in and around LA and staying decidedly behind the scenes. When not playing high stakes FMK and smashing the patriarchy, she can be found playing TTRPGs, snuggling her cat, and probably working on another of her many projects. Follow her on Twitter @theloveliestliz.