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There is so much noise on sites like YouTube, it can feel impossible to be discovered. The Scavengers Network fixes that with real life people showcasing real life talent. Our mission is to curate and bring forward new artists of music, art, games, food, podcasts, and more through a network of original shows and podcasts, all while maintaining our sense of fun in everything we do. The late night rabbit hole search leads to finding the next best thing. The Scavengers Network is the community of creators that will be the only rabbit hole you’ll ever need.



In the spring of 2016, Colin Parker and Michael Palmer once had the idea to start a side project to document their hobby and love of video games and Let’s Plays. The boys were a part of a band that was going on a hiatus for Colin to go to college in New Orleans, and so this felt like the perfect project to work on and keep hanging out even when over a thousand miles away. They brought fellow bandmate, Alex Taylor, into the fold, as well as Colin’s family’s neighbor, Graham Thompson. Pretty soon, the conversations of what The Scavengers Network could be expanded past the idea of “Let’s make videos about games”.

All four of the founders are musicians, as well as art fanatics of all varieties: television, movies, comics, books, podcasts, you name it. The conversation around newer artists who make incredible works but don’t get seen as often became a frequent point of discussion. In the summer of 2017, the network part of The Scavengers Network became a stronger goal.

When the podcast network side launched in the start of 2018, we had 4 shows. As of August 2019, there is currently sixteen active podcasts, with more in pre-production and more being looked for every day!

The Scavengers Network is a community of creators looking to make it’s own content, but more importantly, to help other creators make their content and bring it forward to the world. We look to bring a community, a platform, and resources to our fellow creators. Come join us, and be a part of The Scavengers Network!

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