Meet the team



Talent and Producer

Cassie has a M.S. and B.A. in Geology and danced ballet until age 22. She is married to her Insanely Haunted co-host, Max. Together they have a beautiful cat daughter, Lydia Bean, who frequently guests on the show. In her off time, Cassie loves visiting national parks, watching good movies and tv, spending quality time with Max and friends, and celebrating Halloween 12 months out of the calendar year. Currently, Cassie is back in school earning another Master's degree.


Beth Lindly

Talent and Producer

Beth Lindly is a writer, cosplayer, podcaster, social media manager, and many other millennial -ers who hails from Alabama and lives in Georgia. She has worked for publications such as NYLON Magazine, Backstage Magazine, The Charleston Post and Courier, and

Beth is a cast member of Apotelesma, as well as a co-host of the Gravity Falls fancast The Fourth Journal, which can be found elsewhere on the Internet. She recently wrapped up Buffy Speak, a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fancast. She likes most things, including iced coffee, TV, talking about TV, thinking about TV, reading, and her dog Mabel.


Erin King

Talent and Producer

Erin King is the cohost of Newsies Minute and FMK All Day, and is part of the Wet Hot American Moon Juice Chaos Team. In addition to these Scavengers Network shows, Erin can also be heard cohosting the now-completed Unabashedly Obsessed and Podcast Detected, a Zombies, Run! fancast. She is also a voice actress who appears on 1994 (Deirdre), Copperheart (Heather Kaminski), Mage & Machine (Mallory), The Amelia Project, and The Grey Rooms. When she's not podcasting, she's writing (or putting off writing), with her two large dogs and either a coffee or a Dr Pepper close by.