Morgan Needs a podcast


Morgan Needs a Podcast (MNAP) is a show hosted and produced by Morgan Spatola. The show is based on one simple idea: Morgan doesn’t have a podcast, and is on a quest to figure out what her next one will be. It seems like everywhere you turn, everyone has a podcast--what makes each one special? Morgan explores this question by interviewing fellow podcasters about their own shows, interviewing random people on the street, and adding her own opinions via NPR-style monologuing. She explores the creative process with a tongue-in-cheek perspective, trying out “classic” podcasting formats with guest hosts with her own spin. The monthly full length episodes run around 30 minutes each and are supplemented with “MNAP Minis”--mini episodes that are 10-15 minutes long. MNAP Mini episodes explore Morgan’s latest obsessions. These are formatted in a friendly, conversational tone and discuss whatever random topics are on the host’s mind.