POP: Podcast Outreach PrOgram


A big goal of ours here at The Scavengers Network is making podcasting more accessible. We believe that every voice deserves a seat at the table. What better way to educate people on that than to actually educate people on that? Our Podcast Outreach Program is a masterclass that we give in local high schools, as well as in panels at conventions. When we teach high school students, we give them an opportunity to practice the art form and give them the task of coming up with an episode of a show of their own. Each episode must be 5 minutes or less. Afterwards, we show them what simple editing and the addition of a theme song can make their product final.

If you are interested in having a Scavengers Network member come out to your school or convention, please reach out to us at our Contact page. If we’re in your area, we’d love to come work with your students/your panel!